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You’re Here Because You’re…

✦  Living with a baseline of stress re: work, relationships, parents, money, and your body - all while figuring out wtf you’re doing with your life. (lol so pretty much everything if we’re being honest!)

✦  Imbalanced. Self-doubt, fear, self-criticism, and people-pleasing running the show. Sometimes feeling like a shell of yourself.  

  Constantly juggling different parts of your life - and it’s damn near impossible. You can’t make time for what you really want because you’re so exhausted by everything else.

✦  Scattered and overwhelmed to the point that you don’t even know what your needs are.

✦  Often unable to tell the difference between intuition and anxiety. Like “but how do I KNOW?!”

✦  Straight-up afraid of how the future is going to play out (even if you know, in theory, that you’re a badass mf fully capable of doing and achieving anything you set your mind to).

And Maybe You’re Even…

  Going to bed DREADING work. Like so anxious. You know it shouldn’t be tripping you out so much, but damn! It’s sucking so much of your energy - and it’s

  Around people all the time, but still feel lonely or disconnected.

  An A-Player when you’re doing things for other people, but find it hard to keep commitments to yourself.

  Jumping to the worst-case and most extreme scenarios when you start imagining new possibilities or going after what you really want.

  Hating how desperate you are for something to change, while simultaneously telling yourself: “I’m not ready,” “I can’t,” “I shouldn’t,” “I’ll fail,” or “I don’t even know where to begin,”  …so you’re trapped, surviving.


                                ...I get it…and I’ve been here, too.

But How Would You Feel If I Told You That…

Your uniqueness is your superpower, and...

You’re born to create a life you’re madly in love with.


The fact you’re here tells me you already know just how much potential is ready to burst outside of you.

But without creating a success system that genuinely works for you, you’ll always be victim to the circumstances of your present and the conditioning of your past

AKA you’ll never create the career, relationships, freedom, lifestyle, and impact you were born to make (!!)

Becoming a leader of your mindset and habits is the only way to build your biggest, boldest, most joyful and authentic life.

So the question is…

How DO you become your most powerful leader of your own success system?

This is not about meticulously fitting everything into the perfect schedule, or forcing your way through meditations and affirmations in hopes it might trigger some deep inner peace.

This is not about cutting all of your vices from your life (yup, you still get to be a bad@ss, feel-good powerhouse while curled on the couch bing-watching pup videos on IG with your peanut M&M’s).  

It's about self-love, self-commitment, and creative choice.

In Clear, Confident, Dope AF I’m going to teach you how to build towards your most important goal while overcoming your biggest challenges by creating unshakable and unique-to-you success systems.

These are the exact science-backed strategies I’ve used to grow my biz, improve my health and fitness, build inspired and aligned community, and attract romantic partners who treat me like the queen I am. Saying!

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In Clear, Confident, Dope AF I’m going to teach you how to build towards ANY goal while overcoming your BIGGEST challenges by creating an unshakable and unique-to-you success systems.

This is the exact process I’ve used to grow my biz, improve my health, build aligned community, and attract romantic partners who treat me like the queen I am! Saying!


 I am kinder to myself now. I wake up in the morning and think about myself first and what I need to do for me to ensure that I am right and inspired and well to show up and make an impact in my life and with the people I love.”

     -Ali, Dean of Curriculum & Instruction, Writer

I feel more empowered and centered as I approach each day. As someone who has battled anxiety for most of my life, the tools I’ve gained to reframe negative thoughts have been invaluable. I’m learning how to harness my energy in purposeful ways that support my values. Most importantly, I embrace the practice of “putting in the work” to serve myself. In doing so, I’m finding more work/life balance and showing up more fully as a mom, partner, friend and professional.

     -Melissa, Marketing Executive     

I left a toxic environment to pursue my passion. I felt empowered and confident about my decision, and to this day, I thank Miriam for helping me make that shift in my mind that freed me from limiting beliefs.  I feel so energized and motivated after our sessions. Working with Miriam is incredible. Thank you for reminding me of my power!”

     -Andrea, Mindset Coach & Facilitator for Women

This Program is For You if You...

♥︎ Know you’re ready for a career, life, and impact you love, tired of being in a job that is sucking the life & soul out of you...even if it’s something that “should” be making you happy or was once a "dream."

♥︎ Want to free yourself from the constant fear that you're not good enough, not doing it right, not far enough, too naïve, not smart enough, not sexy enough, not worthy enough, etc., etc., etc....

♥︎ Seek advice from other people before making decisions and are ready to CUT that ish so you can trust yourself to take aligned and inspired action and live on your own terms

♥︎ Feel your chest tighten anytime you make a purchase or think about "where you should be by now" and know it's time to CHILL so you can experience complete comfort, agency, and empowerment around your time and money.

♥︎ Are ready to drop the insecurity and anxiety in your relationships, career, and/or physical body, and instead feel empowered and gorgeous AF - inside and out.

And if You Desire...

♥︎ A no-BS, highly adaptable, and unique-to-you roadmap to living your biggest, boldest, most joyful and authentic life.

♥︎ Healthy independence and stronger self-love; proof that you can trust yourself to achieve anything you set your mind to.

♥︎ BALANCE, so every aspect of your life feels happier and easier!

♥︎ Unwavering confidence that you’re heading towards a future you love, in every direction of life. 

♥︎ All like: “I’m dead@ss so excited about the future!”

♥︎ Structure, accountability, and freedom - all at once. You wanna create your own solutions, with guidance and structures on how to figure out the answers for yourself.

♥︎ Secure and stable relationships in romance, family, friends, and work that leave you feeling loved, supported, healthy, and strong - even when you have to be super vulnerable, create boundaries, or say hard sh*t.

♥︎ Living, speaking, and acting from your truth with everyone - without fear of judgment or failure. Talkin’ full integrity!

♥︎ A deep knowing that everything is aligned - you're sure you’re exactly where you need to be, steady and confident everything is working out in the best possible way.

♥︎ Feeling safe being less in control because you're so empowered in your rituals, habits, and routines of mind and body.

♥︎ Waking up with impact-ready energy, clarity, and direction, each and every day.


Sound like what you're needing?!   Prolly your sign to...

Get On Into This Life-Changing Experience:


In this intimate, transformational, and private 1:1 coaching program, we’ll build a clear foundation for your personal vision so you can clarify your most important goal.  I’ll teach you the frameworks you need to navigate your most pressing challenges so you can experience the career, life, and relationships you were born to create.

You’ll learn how to reprogram your subconscious and train your mind while building unshakeable and unbreakable habits and routines that motivate you, keep you accountable, and inspire you to take action towards a life you’re madly in love with. 

By the end of the program you’ll be laser clear on how to build your unique success system to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

I break everything down into a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process so you’ll never feel stressed or overwhelmed while stepping into your most clear, confident, and dope AF self!

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"I am less scared and I am more clear and confident...and know that I am making my own choices. I feel like I really am caring more about my choices vs the judgements of others. I learned MORE (than I imagined I would) - that last module really made me realize it's really within and up to me. I'm legit so so grateful for this container. My energy and everything has shifted so much in just the last 6-8 weeks." 

     - Alexandria, Educator

"I was in awe at how well Miriam listened to me and helped me reframe my thinking. She is great at keeping you on track to fulfilling your big picture goals - professional, personal, and spiritual. She is sensitive to cultural, ethnic, occupational, and gendered belief systems, and is great at drawing out and teasing apart how we are affected by these systems.  If you want an honest look at yourself, your habits, your beliefs, and someone to take a no-nonsense approach to helping you fulfill your goals, look no further than Miriam.

     -Lena, Occupational Therapist     

Miriam brings a great mix of love and inquisitiveness for how you arrive at where you are and what blocks you are putting in the way of moving forward. She knows how to ask you why from a place that holds more freedom and space and abundance and fulfillment in a manner that has helped me to actually claim and examine the blocks I have put in my own way.

     - Maisie, Ceramic Artist

Hi! I'm Miriam!

I’ve been in the work of career and life coaching for over 13 years as an educator, leader, consultant, and entrepreneur and have received 12 certifications across fields of career and life coaching, subconscious reprogramming, trauma-informed nervous system regulation, & effective teaching.

I help creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs struggling with survival mode and stagnancy to develop unique success systems for empowered, authentic, and confident living.

Since starting my business four years ago, I’ve helped dozens of people like you to step into creative leadership, find career joy, build aligned relationships, and live balanced, empowered, and free.

It is my honor to support you in building your most clear, confident, and dope AF life!


Here's What We'll Do Through The 4 Months...

  Clarify Your Unique Success Vision

  Inventory Your Limiting Beliefs & Blocks re: Time, Money, Health & Body, Relationships

  Craft Your Clear, Confident, Dope AF Identity

  Build Authentic, Liberative, & Pleasure-Based Goals

  Master Rewards, Rituals, & Routines for Permanent Behavior Change

  Hold Space & Grace for “Your Worst Parts” & When Life Becomes “Too Much”

  Sustain an Unbreakable & Long-Term Commitment to Your Highest Self

"Miriam’s so dope and putting out so much positivity for y’all minds that I don’t know if y’all can even handle it!” 

     -Gladys, Music Producer

Work feels fun again. I’m waking up about an hour earlier than I’ve ever woken before. I’m going to work in a great mood every day. I feel like I’m making an impact and I feel like I’m taking care of myself.

     -Katie, Instructional Coach     

"It was so magical working with Miriam. She made me feel comfortable immediately.  She is creative, playful, and so wonderful to work with.

     -Nicole, Climate Justice Artist 

And Here's What's Included in CCDAF:

Your Evidence-Based, Science-Backed Coaching Program:

★  8 x 2 Hour Private One-on-One Calls with Miriam, scheduled 2 calls per month for the length of the program with...

★  Personalized Session Notes capturing all elements of your transformation. 

★  Private Voice, Text, & Email Support direct with Miriam, M-F, for any guidance, support , or editing between sessions

★  Individualized Recordings of Healing Techniques for your unique goal, block, or situation (opt-in option)

★  Lifetime Access to 12 + Video Trainings & Exercises in 5 Transformational Success System Modules:

  • Anchor Module: Clarify Your Unique Success Vision, Taking Inventory Your Limiting Beliefs & Blocks, and Crafting Your Clear, Confident, Dope AF Identity
  • Module 1: Build Authentic, Liberative, & Pleasure-Based Goals
  • Module 2: Master Rewards, Rituals, & Routines for Permanent Behavior Change
  • Module 3: Hold Space & Grace for “Your Worst Parts” & When Life Becomes “Too Much”
  • Module 4: Sustain an Unbreakable & Long-Term Commitment to Your Highest Self




       🚀 Ritual, Routine, & Time Tracking Templates

       🚀 Habit-Solidifying Inspiration Banks for Long-Term Success

       🚀 Step Into Your New Identity with an Identity-Based Goals Blueprint

       🚀 Subconscious Reprogramming Session to Hardwire Goal Success To Use Anytime

       🚀 Masterclass on How to Build Goal Momentum with Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

       🚀 Audio Affirmations & Reprogrammings for Body & Health, Time, Money, and Romantic Partnership

Booking my call now!

In Just 4 Months You'll...

  Become crystal clear on how to build towards your wildest and most authentic dreams in a way that actually works for you - overcoming your patterns of overwhelm, anxiety, and self-sabotage

  Master your success systems for your mindset, habits, rituals, and routines, so you can feel big, bold, brave, and hella joyful!

  Turn self-doubt, fear, self-criticism, perfectionism, and people-pleasing to personal power and integrity with skyrocketed levels of confidence, self-trust, and self-love

★  Develop unwavering faith and commitment in yourself and your dreams while taking action to build them, knowing with certainty that you are capable of creating and achieving anything you set your mind to.

  Fall in love with your life - and yourself.  The highest form of success if you ask me! 

I have an increased sense of empowerment. I've been able to dig deeper and learn to align with who I am in all circumstances more fully. The changes I see in myself go so far beyond work, or any one facet of my life, and allow me to feel more in control of my thoughts and feelings. I feel less limited by circumstances and more centered in the question: "What can I do to feel a little more like me?  I am always amazed at Miriam's ability to get to the root of the issue.  "

     -Gina, Lead Preschool Educator

"I am most proud of more clearly identifying my fears to get "unstuck."  I am celebrating digging deep to be able to move forward!

     -Alyssa, Substance Abuse Social Worker, Entrepreneur     

"Miriam acknowledges your perspective and allows your full self-expression, encouraging you to empower yourself.  Miriam has a real gift for speaking the truth in love." 

     -Melanie, Freelance Writer



“The things she says are so on point that I have lost count of the emails left in my draft box attempting to give this truth its proper appreciation and moment of genuine gratitude.  People like Miriam are why fairytales have fairy godmother’s and guardian angels.

     -Joenny, Musician

“I just finished my [first] transformation session with Miriam, I left feeling I had purpose in life. I've been struggling with myself on what to do next after finishing my PhD. Miriam has an amazing energy and I really loved her coaching style which helped me execute ideas I had in mind for a long time and visualized it into reality. She also helped me highlight my limiting beliefs which created blocks not moving forward. I left the session so motivated and more confident in putting myself out there to pursue my future career.”  

     -Naeema, Environmental Activist, PhD

"Miriam makes you feel like you can do anything!

     -Gabby, Multimedia Artist



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