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Hi there!

I'm Miriam.  An entrepreneur, thought leader, creative, and coach dedicated to helping you build a dream and life you love.

Through Creative Leadership, Impact, and Mindset Coaching, I help people like you get clear on your dreams, take action, and remove obstacles that get in the way, so you can turn your vision to reality all while serving the growing good of the world.


Here’s some ways I might be able to help you:

  • Can't seem to get your creative, entrepreneurial, or leadership dreams off the ground?  Imagine how it would feel to truly stand in your power, step into your dreams, and achieve your desired results and impact while serving your greatest gifts as a leader, entrepreneur, or artist.  In an intimate, private, creative leadership coaching container, I will serve your development as equal part teammate, coach, cheerleader, colleague, and holistic healer.  We will work together over the course of six months - this is absolutely a long-term commitment to yourself and your dreams - and you will leave our sessions feeling grounded, embodied, and fiercely strategic from day one.  Spaces are limited, waitlist is rolling, and all interested must book a free 30 minute alignment call.

  • Stuck in cycles of anxiety, stress, overwhelm - self-sabotage, perfection, and fear of the unknown?  In today's world, it's more "normal" for people to constantly judge themselves than it is to unapologetically BE and LOVE themselves.  Imagine learning how to (lovingly) take control of your mind, body, time, money, and more - imagine how that level of self-direction would trickle into the quality and scale of your life and impact.  You were born with unique gifts and unique purpose - you were born unparalleled - and it's time to act like it.  And you are certainly not alone. For the first time ever, the waitlist is open for a new 16 week group training experience to get you out of anxiety, and into confident and authentic living, so you can build the work and life of your dreams.  Get your name on the list to be the first notified when this offer becomes LIVE!

"Miriam, what qualifications do you have? do I know I can trust you to actually help me?"


I am a certified Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor.  As a certified Mindset Coach, I hold distinct certifications in subconscious reprogramming techniques, namely Neural-Energetic Wiring, Neural-Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Hypnosis.  I am a career educator with a Master’s in Effective Teaching and have experience serving as a school leader and transformational education consultant and coach for leaders and teachers.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Culture with Minors in Management and Business Studies, and have taken numerous courses in photography, entrepreneurship, and business skill development.  Bet it in schools or online, I have been coaching since 2013, and I am so honored and excited to bring this work to you.

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I am a Creative Leadership Coach.

As you know from your life experiences, trust-building is a combination of gut instincts and leaps of faith.  That's why, for any new client, I have us schedule an inquiry call.  This helps us learn more about each other, get clear on our goals together, and ensure that this feels like an inspired and aligned fit. 

I grew up just outside of New York City in a Jewish-American home.  Growing up, my mom would host art classes for the neighborhood kids in the dining room of our Bronx apartment, and my dad would sing songs he wrote with his guitar.  


My mom was (still is) an incredible artist and cook - and while I grew up with ::chef’s-kiss:: globally inspired meals, my home was heavy in emotional, psychological, and financial volatility.  


Leaning into creative leadership, even in my earliest years, became a lifeline.


As a toddler I would wear multi-colored tights on my head to promote the illusion of having really cool long hair; in elementary school I won my fifth grade short story writing competition; in middle school I served as a peer mentor; in high school I was repeatedly class president and student government representative; in senior year I was elected most school spirited and field hockey captain; in college I served in various creative chairs in campus organizations at my undergraduate business school while pursuing a degree in Media and Culture, graduating Magna Cum Laude.


Still, I was not (or ever) “well.”


In spite of my leadership positions and bubbly, humorous personality, I was wildly depressed.  I struggled with anxiety, dissociated with binge eating, and coped with self-harm.


The lowest point of my life was when I graduated college.  


I had gone to business school because I wanted to start a business to make a positive impact in the world…and the experience (and general patriarchal, capitalist, classist business culture) left my passion completely gutted.


Not to mention…I was tens of thousands of dollars in debt.


I quickly took a sales job that “seemed like the right thing to do” - and absolutely hated it.  I was living out of the trunk of my car and sleeping on friends' couches.  My parents were finally divorcing and I was adamant that I could not move back home.  I was in unhealthy and unstable friendships and romantic partnerships.  I had no clue of who I was, where I was going, or what value I could bring to the world.


I’ll save you the break-up dramas, the inevitable return to New York, and the dance to pay off debt with three-jobs-at-once, and jump you right to the Teaching Assistant gig I was lucky to get at my alma mater high school.


This position was a return "home" in more ways than one.

It propelled me to pursue a Master’s Degree at a highly selective alternative program, where the people I met inspired my soul and gave me a sliver of what college coula-shoulda-woulda been for me. 


Being with adults who were passionate about supporting the greater good of the world reminded me of who I was.

Supporting young people helped me understand where I came from.

Teaching taught me about trauma.

And with that - spiritually and literally - teaching saved my life.


Learning about trauma - and how to support people who had experienced it - helped me understand the places I hadn’t healed within myself, the patterns of my life, and the “why” of the suffering I had co-created in response to it.


My kids became my motivation and my inspiration - 


To heal

To grow

To learn

And change


It was like, the more I loved them, the more I loved myself.


I started to practice my preach:


“You can change your life.  

You can be anyone you want to be. 

You can do anything you set your mind to. 

You are here for a reason.  

You are loved.  

You are valued.  

You are needed.

You are worth it.”  


Over time…


My creative juices were flowing.


My professional and personal leadership began to bloom.


My relationship with my body, my home, the land, my spirit, my mindset, my habits, and my commitment to myself began to change.


I traveled across the world on my own, for months at a time.

I built healthy, vulnerable, and meaningful relationships.

I experimented in various fields of interest - from yoga to permaculture farming to art.

I educated myself while building new skillsets and earning certifications.  

I faced my traumas, changed my mindset, took massive risks, and became an entrepreneur.


I led the creation of a more liberated, aligned, and abundant life.

And I am here to tell you - 


beyond a shadow of a doubt...


no matter where you are in your journey -

no matter how hard things feel right now -

no matter how confused, overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck you might be -

no matter how many things you've tried in the past

or how many people you've worked with before -

no matter your age, experience, history, or financial situation - 


I promise...

you are closer than you think,

and - 


You Can Create Your Dream.


The Creative Leaders I work with develop the strategy, mindset, and embodiment to show up in their fullest empowerment and authenticity, so they can live in their highest purpose with joy, calm, and confidence.

I have helped Creative Leaders start businesses, facilitate organizational change, and pursue creative entrepreneurship.  

I have helped people change jobs or careers, show up more securely in relationships, and rewire personal patterns that no longer serve them including habits and feelings of fear, anxiety, overwhelm, unworthiness, playing small, and lacking boundaries or self-care.  


I have helped people go from totally stuck and spiraling out - to totally cool-calm-collected, motivated, and clear.

I am here to help you become the creative leader you were born to be, so you can turn your dreams to reality.

First step?  Book a free, no-obligation inquiry call below.

I cannot wait to talk with you.

So much love,

Mir <3

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