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I'm Miriam.

My guess is someone you know or love referred you this way, or you stumbled upon my vibe via social media or the Conscious Curriculum™ podcast - or maybe we just we go (way) back!


Whatever got you to this page - YAY!  I’m so glad you’re here. 


As a passionate creative leader like you, you’ll find that this site is full of a diverse range of offerings that can help you build your dreams (literally!).  Keep scrolling to find out more.  I can’t wait to start building together!

"She’s so dope and putting out so much
positivity for y’all minds that
I don’t know if y’all can even handle it!” 






Get inspired with our educational podcast, Conscious Curriculum .


With dozens of episodes, Conscious Curriculum will empower you with tools, insights, and ideas you shoulda-coulda had as a kid - to change your life, and the world, today.

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Will you be the next
to turn goals to action?

 "Miriam is incredibly organized, astute, and intuitive, and knows how to adapt things to fulfill your immediate needs. She is great at keeping you on track to fulfilling your big picture goals - professional, personal, and spiritual.  
I was in awe at how well [she] listened to me and helped me reframe my thinking.  She is sensitive to cultural, ethnic, occupational, and gendered belief systems, and is great at drawing out and teasing apart how we are affected by these systems. 
I would 1,000 percent recommend Miriam to a friend or colleague.  If you want an honest look at yourself, your habits, your beliefs, and someone to take a no-nonsense approach to helping you fulfill your goals, look no further than Miriam."


Occupational Therapist

The Bronx, New York

Two Dried Leaves
"I've been able to dig deeper and learn to align with who I am in all circumstances more fully. The changes I see in myself go so far beyond work, or any one facet of my life."
"Miriam has a real gift for speaking the truth in love."
As someone who has battled anxiety for most of my life, the tools I’ve gained to reframe negative thoughts have been invaluable. I’m learning how to harness my energy in purposeful ways that support my values. I’m finding more work/life balance and showing up more fully as a mom, partner, friend and professional.”










Hey there, creator!  

Look at you!!!  How amazing you are!!!

I’m guessing part of what brought you here is because you have a big dream inside of you.  

Maybe you’ve taken some steps to turn it to reality, maybe you’re all in idea-land, or maybe you’re really just getting started.

Wherever you are, I’m so glad you’re here.

Listen, I know big dreams can be scary and overwhelming, and can sometimes feel too far away to imagine really being possible.

It takes practice, skill, and relentless consistency to prevent fear from stopping us dead in our tracks, or limiting beliefs from keeping us small or hiding out.  In the blink of an eye, our big, wild, magical vision...becomes our big, wild, magical "pipedream," and we're back to our regular rise and grind.

Listen, I get it.  I've start-and-stopped as much as the next person (if we're being honest, probably more).  I've learned so much in the past decade of leadership, entrepreneurship, coaching, and creative arts, and I'm here to share as much of that wisdom as possible with you.

One of the biggest lessons I'm carrying is this:

anyone who has ever done anything
to transform their lives
or the lives of other people
did so with a relentless clarity and focus
on what is possible,
instead of what is not.

You LITERALLY only live once.  The average person lives 77 years.  How many summers you got left?  How many years have you spent holding the same vision, without really stepping fully into your creative power?  How many moments have you spent worrying about what other peo
ple think, instead of shining in the entirety and fullest integrity of who you are?

My friend, it's time to stop holding back, and start showing up.

It's time to stop sleeping on your purpose, and start living it.

You feel me?  You ready?

Cool.  Let's go.

Click the link below to learn more about me, and how I can help you, or book an inquiry call here.

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