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I'm Miriam 

I'm a career coach helping creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs struggling with survival mode and stagnancy to develop unique success systems so they can step into their biggest, boldest, most joyful and authentic life.  (Amazing, right?!)

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"Miriam brings a great mix of love and inquisitiveness for how you arrive at where you are and what blocks you are putting in the way of moving forward. She knows how to ask you why from a place that holds more freedom and space and abundance and fulfillment in a manner that has helped me to actually claim and examine the blocks I have put in my own way."
- Maisie, Ceramic Artist

"I've been able to dig deeper and learn to align with who I am in all circumstances more fully. The changes I see in myself go so far beyond work, or any one facet of my life, and allow me to feel more in control of my thoughts and feelings. I am always amazed at Miriam's ability to ask questions that are just the right balance between push and support to get to the root of the issue. I also appreciate that she gives suggestions that work for me - when we create changes in routines it is always based on things I enjoy and what will feel authentic. I have an increased sense of empowerment. I am so much better at focusing on what I can do to feel better or feel more like myself rather than whatever the perceived problem is. I feel less limited by circumstances and more centered in the questions of "what can I do to feel a little more like me?"."
- Gina, Lead Preschool Educator

I feel more empowered and centered as I approach each day.  As someone who has battled anxiety for most of my life, the tools I’ve gained to reframe negative thoughts have been invaluable. I’m learning how to harness my energy in purposeful ways that support my values. Most importantly, I embrace the practice of “putting in the work” to serve myself. In doing so, I’m finding more work/life balance and showing up more fully as a mom, partner, friend and professional.”
- Melissa, Marketing Executive

I Wanna Feel Clear & Confident AF

You were born to confidently lead life with courage of heart.


Our core values will help you get there:

Without it - you have abandoned yourself - you have lost your purpose, your wheelhouse, your meaning, and your personal power to create a life you love.  With unrelenting inspiration and no bs accountability, I am committed to serving clients in fullest integrity.
When we lose touch with our creative energy, we become complacent and inactive.  Creation is your birthright - and the source of your power.  My coaching programs are designed to unleash your creative leadership so you can live tuned in, tapped in, & turned on.
Whatever dream you have for your life, I guarantee the world wants (and needs!) you to create it, too.  You get to build a life you're madly in love with while massively contributing to the growing good of the planet. I'm here to help you get there.

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I left a toxic environment to pursue my passion project. I felt empowered and confident about my decision, and to this day, I thank Miriam for helping me make that shift in my mind that freed me from limiting beliefs.  Miriam  is so detailed and works on connecting with her clients on a deep level.  I feel so energized and motivated after our sessions.  Working with Miriam is incredible.  Thank you for reminding me of my power and to look within!"

- Andrea, Mindset Coach & Facilitator for Women

Miriam always recommends so many resources and between her strategies and knowledge as well as leaning on other resources it's amazing. I feel like she does things in a way that is truly receptive to needs.  The biggest shift is that I am kinder to myself now. I wake up in the morning and think about myself first and what I need to do for me to ensure that I am right and inspired and well to show up and make an impact in my life and with the people I love.”

- Ali, Dean of Curriculum & Instruction, Writer

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"Miriam’s so dope and putting out so much positivity for y’all minds that I don’t know if y’all can even handle it!” 

- Gladys, Music Producer

“The things [Miriam] say[s] are so on point that I have lost count of the emails left in my draft box attempting to give this truth its proper appreciation and moment of genuine gratitude.  People like [Miriam] are why fairytales have fairy godmother’s and guardian angels.”

- Joenny, Musical Artist

"I would 1000 percent recommend Miriam to a friend or colleague.  I was in awe at how well Miriam listened to me and helped me reframe my thinking.  She is incredibly organized, astute, and intuitive, and knows how to adapt things to fulfill your immediate needs. She is great at keeping you on track to fulfilling your big picture goals - professional, personal, and spiritual.  She is sensitive to cultural, ethnic, occupational, and gendered belief systems, and is great at drawing out and teasing apart how we are affected by these systems.  Beautiful and real inside and out.  If you want an honest look at yourself, your habits, your beliefs, and someone to take a no-nonsense approach to helping you fulfill your goals, look no further than Miriam."

- Lena, Occupational Therapist

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