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I'm Miriam.

Hi, I'm so glad you're here!  


Whether you're an artist, healer, creative leader, educator, entrepreneur, or aspiring towards a career you love, I am here to help you build your dreams and live your unique purpose.

When we live our purpose, we heal ourselves, and we heal the world.

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what people are saying...
Two Dried Leaves
"I've been able to dig deeper and learn to align with who I am in all circumstances more fully. The changes I see in myself go so far beyond work, or any one facet of my life."
"Miriam has a real gift for speaking the truth in love."
As someone who has battled anxiety for most of my life, the tools I’ve gained to reframe negative thoughts have been invaluable. I’m learning how to harness my energy in purposeful ways that support my values. I’m finding more work/life balance and showing up more fully as a mom, partner, friend and professional.”










You were born to live an unparalleled life.

Your dreams are meant for you.
It won't always be easy.
It won't always be clean.
But - 
It will always be worth it.

10 years ago I left my stable job for a one-way ticked across the world.  I needed to heal with the land.  I needed to heal my body and my soul.  I needed to realign, and find my purpose.

I volunteered, worked on farms, and felt more lost than I had ever felt before.  I felt behind, unsure of myself, and often like I was doing something "wrong."  And simultaneously - I felt more in control of my life than I had ever felt before.  Like my soul had space to fly and my heart had space to breathe.  And this was only the beginning.

The more I learned, the more I learned I had to unlearn.
The more I learned, the more I learned I did not know.

Years of study, experience, and deep self-reflection later, I finally understand what it means to be connected to myself.  To feel belonging.  To feel purpose.  To generate dreams.  I understand the keys to health, happiness, wealth, and love.

And I am here to help you understand them, too - 
in your unique body
in your unique mind
in your unique heart
and your unparalleled soul.

You are not lost, and in spite of how stuck you feel, I promise you know so much more than you think.  You are closer than you can imagine.

If you're ready to take things to the next level - to develop an unparalleled mind-body relationship so you can build confidently in the direction of your dreams and live your most authentic purpose - you are undeniably in the right place.

Will you be the next to turn dreams to reality?

 "Miriam is incredibly organized, astute, and intuitive, and knows how to adapt things to fulfill your immediate needs. She is great at keeping you on track to fulfilling your big picture goals - professional, personal, and spiritual.  
I was in awe at how well [she] listened to me and helped me reframe my thinking.  She is sensitive to cultural, ethnic, occupational, and gendered belief systems, and is great at drawing out and teasing apart how we are affected by these systems. 
I would 1,000 percent recommend Miriam to a friend or colleague.  If you want an honest look at yourself, your habits, your beliefs, and someone to take a no-nonsense approach to helping you fulfill your goals, look no further than Miriam."


Occupational Therapist

The Bronx, New York



Get inspired with our educational podcast, Conscious Curriculum .


With dozens of episodes, Conscious Curriculum will empower you with tools, insights, and ideas to learn about your brain, body, and personal story, so you can take control of your life, and build towards a more liberated world - today.

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"She’s so dope and putting out so much
positivity for y’all minds that
I don’t know if y’all can even handle it!” 




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