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love and love and love

I learned from myself and my g-d and my ancestors that I am worthy and enough and whole as I am even when I am broken like a tree whose branch has been cut. I learned from my healers that discomfort is growth blooming and sometimes danger looming and always a signal of cocooning, meant to be listened to. I learned from my heart that it is infinite and fragile, resilient and whole, often bruising and beating.songs. I learned from my mother who learned from her father, “where there is a will, there is a way” - and I agree. though. it.feels.incomplete. I learned from a teacher that my voice was “too strong” - from a coach “I wasn't listening” [to them] - from father that I am not as smart or important as he - and from my friends that sometimes my words sing and I am so often yearning to beam language so STRONG and INTUITIVE and SMART that it inspires the splinters of our differences, within and outside of ourselves, to harmonize with/in waving hums of love. Love for what you do, who you're with, and where you be. Love for who you were, who you are, and who you're incrementally becoming. Love for each why and where you've been and will go. Love between love, in every layer of earth, in each droplet of rain and snow and sleet and shame. Love in despair and rage and aching. Love in the absence of love because we know exactly what it is we're missing. Love without words or evidence or prescription. Love with ease, trust, and overwhelming compassion. Love as law. Love as fact. Love as action.

Love is liberation. Thank you for being.

You are so.incredibly.loved. With my whole beating heart, Mir <3


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