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curiosity is key

Around this time every year, I feel myself entering into some new flavor of personal / professional / spiritual development.

September marks the beginning of the school year, the Jewish new year, and the beginning of the shed of Fall.

for me, and maybe you, too - -

i think i have been shedding all summer.

i feel like a snake's fresh body - new, exposed, vulnerable, yet strong.




like many, i think the past few years has forced repeated practice of shedding skin, and at this point…

my slither has finally learned

to be

more curious

than scared.




here's how this lives:

Curiosity allows me to be more compassionate and less critical with myself.

Curiosity opens me to understanding how (and why) I “move” - what my patterns and triggers are, and how to sooth myself from obstacles I used to judge as unforgiveable flaws.

Curiosity allows me to see my child and care for them. To hold myself in places and spaces I didn't know existed or always saw as being my fault for needing holding.

Like my fear of failing when I am serving from my heart.

Like my insecurity of not being enough.

Like my shame of feeling like I am too much.

Like my pain of not feeling worthy or of value.

Like my anger of not receiving what I needed from the people I admired or loved.


When we practice curiosity, we learn to hold (like a hug) ourselves accountable to becoming the best versions of ourselves and building our wildest dreams and living and loving unhinged.

My commitment to you, as we continue to journey together, is to always practice staying curious about me, so I can always show up in living curious with you.




I am sorry it's taken me so long to write.

Thank you for wondering about where these emails have been, and for asking what is going on in my world!

More updates to come. <3

For now, Happy New School Year.

Cheers to curiosity, generosity, consistency, and love.

May you shed, and bloom.

Big love,


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