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for fabulously funky educators and impact-driven femmes ready to learn how to build dreams imperfectly, enhance creativity, and pursue hidden passions - without freaking out, burning out, or staying stuck and giving up.



in a world where we are taught that nothing we do is ever good enough...
your messiness is a superpower.


>>   Do you find yourself buried in self-improvement cycles (yoga, journaling, meditation, mindset, books, therapy, etc.), but still kind of feel like you're running in place?

>>   Do you shame or blame yourself for getting stuck in negative emotions or thought patterns?

>>   Are you constantly reorganizing your routines so you can do ALL THE THINGS or FINALLY HIT THE GOALS only to realize you're doing too much, or it doesn't feel good, or you're too overwhelmed, and completely shut down?  (And then maybe rev yourself back up to do it all over again, promising this time will be different?)

>>   Are you hyper critical of yourself, replaying conversations or situations on repeat, imagining what you coulda-shoulda said or done different?

>>   Are you forever making excuses for why you’re not ready or good enough to pursue a dream or passion?

>>   Not sure if you really know what you desire, or what brings you pleasure?  Like you aren't even sure if you know how to "want"?  (cue: dream partner, dream job, dream home, dream life...)

>>   And when you DO decide what you want, do you shut yourself down with ideas that what you want is selfish, crazy, naiive, stupid, unjust, or impossible?  Like you wouldn't be "good" enough?


>>   Or do you straight-up settle, and find yourself pretending you're completely happy in the job/relationship/home/etc., but secretly wondering if this is right for you...(and too afraid to give yourself real permission to dream bigger or admit that you want more)?

first of all...

I get it.

you are not alone.

and - 

there are plenty of people living lives they are madly in love with.

And you are absolutely worthy and capable of people one of them.


This is my invitation to let it be creative and fun. To celebrate the ugly, messy, emotional, and imperfect. To lean into passion, pleasure, and play. To learn to shine in your brilliance, beauty, and bad*ssery.  ...To live a life that turns you the f*ck UP - and ON.

i started my career in education 12 years ago.  i had very quickly quit my corporate-y sales job post undergraduate business school and really wanted to make a positive impact on the world.


amidst the sustained f*ckeduppery of public education, I found myself immediately in the grind of working (beyond) as hard as i could to be the best teacher and leader I could be to support my kids and propel a vision of meaningful systemic change.

by year 8, i was absolutely exhausted.

I wanted to be the perfect educator - perfect partner - perfect friend - have the perfect body - even grieve loss in the perfect way.  I wanted to be the perfect advocate and justice warrior.  Perfect writer.  Perfect poet.  I wanted to say and not say all the perfect things.  I wanted to have the perfect mindset about everything that came my way. 


And I was willing to work for it. 

But I wasn't like...happy?

I also felt like I wasn't completely awake.

Like something was dead or silent in me that needed shaking and waking. 

And what I had been doing wasn't working.

So I did something kinda messy.

Kind of a big-ol'(d)  :::

- "F*CK THIS" - 

I sold my car and furniture, packed my stuff to storage, and bought a one-way ticket to the other side of the world.

no real plan, and no deadline.

for the first time in my life, I allowed myself to DO what i FELT.


i prioritized the happiness of my mind, body, and soul.

i allowed my weird, spiritual, deeply connected, inspired, and practical-idealist self to be seen.  i became the type of educator my kids needed me to be - the type of human I wanted to be.

I made art, danced, played and made music.  i moved, changed jobs, dated amazing people. I entrepreneured, got a dog, and fell in love with myself.

the more i listened to the creative energy inside of me, the more unstructured, wild, and messy my life became...and had i never felt more myself - - i had never felt more free.

the less I tried to control myself, the more I could understand myself.

and with that, I mean...I could even INVENT myself!

i stopped trying to play by the rules and started figuring out how i could write them.  I stopped playing small and started dreaming big - and allowed myself to take it one small step at a time.

I learned, without doubt:






and i want to teach you to live those truths, too. 

EDITED - IMG_2188_edited.jpg

I'm Miriam Rachael Freed.

I'm known for being a no-bullsh*t, no fluff, straight-to-the-heart-of-it coach, creative, and educator.

I change lives, empower dreams, and create hella impact.  Clients rave about my services and often sign up again and again, with continued soul-expanding results.

So yeah, now I get to help whoever the heck I want with whatever the heck they need.


I serve kids and adults.


I make my own schedule and have multiple income streams.

My clients are doing radical, dope ass shit -

taking on new leadership, 

finally claiming what they want and need in relationships (romantic, professional, familial, etc..),

starting their own businesses,

pursuing side hustles or passions,

and always -

knowing and loving themselves a hell of a lot deeper than before they started working with me.

the magic is in the details and i want to bring that magic to you.

Because the truth is, while you have been created, you are also the CREATOR.

And we don't need to ask permission to do what we want to do - or say how we think we feel - or pursue what we feel we desire.

I wanted to create a space where we get to focus on tapping into the flow of our creative power.

Because it is in the pleasure of tapping into our creativity, that we get to build worlds - most especially our own (and - if we're activist minded - a better, healthier, more just, and socially conscious planet).

Creativity is our source, and our practice - and if we can find ourselves in flow with our creative energy - in all of its messiness, imperfection, and resistance - we can literally direct the flow of our lives.

When we realize the control and permission that we have been seeking has been within us all along - when we stop trying to be perfect, and start trying to be OUR MESSY ASS SELVES - we empower and ignite the deepest dreams from within us, and we start to really live from our heart. 

Our life becomes our masterpiece -

And we change the f*ckin game.

EDITED - DSCF5594.jpg
imagine two gatherings per month having the potential to FINALLY set the spark that turns your dreams to reality?!!?

you get to be messy, wear your heart out, make mistakes, celebrate imperfect, try sh*t out, and figure out how to live happy & successful - by your own messy *ss rules!

In this program, we'll build in both brain and body.

You'll learn how to catch your limiting/unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from taking action and/or enjoying the fullness of now

I'll teach you how to use Neuro-Somatic Intelligence practices, meditation, movement, and mindful sensory stimulus to help you orient to pleasure and presence - while in and out of session - in small moments and in large.

We'll practice play and messiness through the creative process, in whatever way makes you feel most curious, excited, or inspired.  Medium is up to you - - this is about YOU and YOU, and being IN PROCESS, and letting it be messy.  You get to choose how you play - and how messy you get (though, I will have guidance and suggestions...and knowing me, you can expect to get pushed out of comfort zone - in all the best ways).

Again, this work plays into SO many aspects of your life.

Watch and see how your mindset and energy starts shifting for the better.

so what is messy heARTs, and what do i get?

>>  Two live monthly calls with me where we'll get to just show up in messy and sexy community and just BE together, as we are, and create some funky (or beautiful or ugly or stunning or garbage or magnificent or devine) art along the way - - in whatever form "art" means for you.

>>  Integrative Guided Practices that will shift the f*ck out of your life - including neuro-somatic reprogramming, guided meditations, and mind-blowing, soul-expanding energetic / sensory exercises - broken down so you have access to all tools every month.

>>  Monthly journal prompts (bite sized and to-the-point), and lunar rituals (earthy, witchy, creative, and magic), to help you tap directly into whatever it is that's holding you back.   The goal is to unwind all the way out from perfection and all the way into your messy-*ss pleasure and purpose - - you get to shed your layers and show ALL THE WAY UP.  (Bring those big-ass emotions!)

>>  A dope *ss community of humans - no-bullsh*t accountability and support - and a space to show up as your hot mess self to do whatever the f*ck you need to get tuned in - tapped in - turned on - by all that you are, all that you've been, and all that you are ABOUT TO BE.

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