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Full-Bodied Manifest

Winter Solstice & New Moon
Visioning & Cleansing Ceremony


Imagine feeling empowered and unashamed of being fully seen and witnessed in community.

Imagine what would happen if you let yourself really believe that you are already worthy - already enough - already ready - of achieving your wildest dreams.

Imagine if the path to the life you love was less pressure, more pleasure, and increased creative play and ease.


Imagine giving yourself permission to slow down - to really tap into the power of your laziness, sensual self-seduction, coziness, and earthy magic.

Imagine embracing your fears, anxieties, and triggers with appreciation, compassion, and personalized strategies and tools that help you move with and through them (instead of wasting energy shaming yourself for having them in the first place).

Imagine a regulated nervous system - a well-oiled internal machine - that expands your capacity to drop in, level up, and expand out - without fighting, bailing, or completely freezing up.

Imagine no longer defining yourself by your "anxious" or "overly emotional" qualities - instead claiming your authority and integrity the gifts of your intuition

Imagine looking in the mirror like DAMN YOUZ A SEXY, BRILLIANT, PHINOMINAL BISH - in full power - and really fahking meaning it.

If any of these imaginings resonate for you, you need to get your @ss in Full-Bodied Manifest.


Who's "Full-Bodied Manifest" For?

This free event is for the anxious, overwhelmed, perfectionist, running-in-circles, repeating-same-patterns femmes who are equally highly intelligent, emotional, creative, and heart-centered.


This is for those who know that they are fully capable of building a life of their dreams, and are tired of making excuses, bailing out, and getting in our own way.

Enough is enough baby girl - - time is now.

When Is It / What're We Gunna Do?



6PM - 7:30PM EST


Supply List in Confirmation Email*

Manifestation is beyond "seeing it, and allowing it to come."

It's about allowing yourself to be witnessed.

It's about allowing yourself to be seen.

It's about showing the fuck up for how you want to FEEL

Trusting that you are worthy and deserving of feeling as fabulous as you already are

You get so deeply in touch with where you are RIGHT NOW - 

what is true RIGHT NOW - 

from a place of empowered embodiment (which we'll explore in this event)

and then figure out what YOU need to do, as YOU

taking small (sometimes teeny-tiny-so-small-you-hardly-notice-it) 

and consistent steps

to build toward your vision - - 

…and then one day...

...while you no longer care about the outcome,

because the process feels so good...



Big magic.

Two Dried Leaves_edited.jpg
Two Dried Leaves_edited.jpg

What Helps Make It Easy?

Pleasure, mindset, nervous system regulation, and aligned support and community -

ALL of which you will receive in

Full-Bodied Manifest !!

And then, in your continued work -  consistency in practicing these pieces.

(Don't worry - you'll leave with action items - and optional continued support if you desire it!)

You don't need to have it all figured out.

You just need to allow yourself to be in the process of curiosity and self-discovery.

There is magic in you - ready to burst - and you know it.  Time to give it room to grow.



About Me <3

I am a Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certified Practitioner, a Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Practitioner, career educator and freelance educational equity consultant.  

I have been in business since 2020, supporting clients to break through their anxiety, limiting beliefs, and other mental bs live more embodied and more free, so they can build lives they love.

Feel free to email me with questions at, or book a support consultation call below.

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