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Miriam Rachael Freed, MEd

Learn.  Heal.  Grow.  Repeat.

i started my career in education 12 years ago.  i had very quickly quit my corporate-y sales job post undergraduate business school and really wanted to make a positive impact on the world.


amidst the sustained f*ckeduppery of public education, I found myself immediately in the grind of working (beyond) as hard as i could to be the best teacher and leader I could be to support my kids and propel a vision of meaningful systemic change.

by year 8, i was absolutely exhausted.

I wanted to be the perfect educator - perfect partner - perfect friend - have the perfect body - even grieve loss and heal trauma in the perfect way.  I wanted to be the perfect advocate and justice warrior.  Perfect writer.  Perfect poet.  Perfect artist.  I wanted to say and not say all the perfect things.  I wanted to have the perfect mindset about everything that came my way. 


And I was willing to work for it. 

But I wasn't like...happy?

I also felt like I wasn't completely awake.

Like something was dead or silent in me that needed shaking and waking. 

And what I had been doing wasn't working.

So I did something kinda messy.

Kind of a big-ol'(d)  :::

- "F*CK THIS" - 

I sold my car and furniture, packed my stuff to storage, and bought a one-way ticket to the other side of the world.

no real plan, and no deadline.

for the first time in my life, I allowed myself to DO what i FELT.

I am an intuitive practitioner and transformational teacher supporting educators, leaders, activists, healers, and courageously sensitive and emotional humans to lean into their experience so they may tend and rise amidst personal and collective change.

I am devoted to intersectional healing rooted in embodiment and the divinity of language.

I stand for love, belonging, creativity, self-expression, stewardship, trust, and finding comfort within ourselves and each other as a means of bringing about social, environmental, and spiritual justice and transformation.


My intention is to offer grounded, safe, and heart-centered containers to support humans in consciously and impactfully transforming their inner and outer worlds.

My approach is rooted in deep radical love and inspired personal accountability as a means to internal and collective care.  I weave auditory, somatic/kinesthetic, and written self-reflective tools to provide the most impactful opportunity for self-awareness, leading to increased freedom from limiting beliefs, behaviors, and actions.

I specialize in supporting people to engage with the relationship between their personal feelings and experiences and collective messaging resulting from historical and systemic structures of power.

My work is inspired by rigorous, thoughtful work teaching and leading in high trauma, high barrier turnaround public school environments in the northeast United States.  I have earned a Master's Degree in Effective Teaching and have served as department chair, grade team lead, teacher mentor, coach, and beyond.  My background is in anti-racist, trauma-informed, culturally-responsive practices that drive restorative justice and whole-child communities. 


I have a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teaching Certification, and hold early stages of a Permaculture Design (restorative agriculture) Certificate.  I am an artist, writer, activist, and podcast host. 

This work is my love and politic, and I am honored to share and explore it with you.

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Together, we'll build in connection and community

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love, healing, and repair.